Why I Take Erotic Photographs

Every girl is insecure. When we are young, we beat ourselves up. We think we are never enough. I’m not tall enough. I’m not skinny enough. I’m not sexy enough. Who would want to see me naked. Keep the lights off!

I remember one of my best friends sister had the largest, most beautiful, framed picture of two breast on her living room wall. I couldn’t stop studying it. I was amazing by the composition. It was beautiful, sexy and tasteful. I asked about the picture and was told it was her sisters breasts. Her sister had decided she wanted a great picture while still young and they “looked good”. I thought she was the bravest woman in the world.

As my friends and I got older we lamented for the days we thought we where “too fat.” Looking back we realized we where crazy… why didn’t we see our own beauty. The photo always stayed in my mind. I secretly wished I had done a photo like my friends sister when I was younger. The photos in my mind started to evolve and grow. I had so many ideas for beautiful body shots. I thought “I need to hire a model. I can’t shoot these ideas on my own”. More time passed. I never found a model but the pictures in my head kept evolving and the calling to create became stronger. I knew I didn’t want to wait any longer till I was “perfect” for a beautiful shot.

I started alone in my bedroom. It was the scariest thing I ever tried. I have been shooting stills and video for years but this was different. I was in front of the camera. Not behind. I worked on angles and camera placement. I remember my love of natural light. I looked for windows and mirrors. I found beautiful shots. I realized that though I am not perfect I am still beautiful and sexy. I am so happy that I didn’t wait for what I thought was the perfect body. I had already found the “Perfect Moment”



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